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Oct 07, 2021 / Interview

Interview – Joni Ikonen on his prolific preseason, career, and saying goodbye to Hakametsä arena

Despite his young age of 22, Joni Ikonen has experienced a lot on and off the ice. A summer with well spent practice time is...


Dec 02, 2020 / Interview

Humble hockey star and family man – Czech!

Moving away to a foreign country to chase a dream isn’t always easy. It sometimes takes team support, and family, to make it better. This...


Nov 18, 2020 / Interview

‘Faster, more dynamic’ Arttu Ruotsalainen showing he could earn spot with Sabres

Buffalo News Nov 10, 2020: The video clips on social media have Buffalo Sabres fans clamoring for Arttu Ruotsalainen’s arrival in North America. A 5-foot-8...


Nov 16, 2020 / Interview

Lukáš Dostál: A king on the ice, a person like you and me outside the sport

Championships, victories, a contract with the Anaheim Ducks, awards as best goalie of the season 2019-20 and most recently as the best player of the...


Oct 08, 2020 / Interview

Juuso Välimäki excited about his return to Ilves

Defenseman Juuso Välimäki, who signed a loan agreement with Ilves last week and turned 22 years this week, is excited because his long break from...


Aug 31, 2020 / Interview

Head Coach Jouko Myrrä is Looking Forward to A Bright Future for Ilves

Jouko Myrrä, the head coach of Ilves, had his spirits up in the interview after Wednesday’s on-ice training. He is optimistic about the ongoing 3v3...


Aug 19, 2020 / Interview

Timo Koskela: It is great to have games underway again

Timo Koskela, the Sports Director of Ilves, is excited about Ilves’ return to play this week after a long break. The team will play two...


Apr 01, 2020 / Interview

UROS LIVE: More than just an arena

“The experience is not just about what happens on the stage or in the rink. We want every guest who arrives at the arena to...


Mar 15, 2020 / Interview

Last home game of the season: “I still can’t believe that they are playing so well now”

After the victory against Ässät at the last home game, fans are more than happy about the positive results of this season. Before the game...


Mar 12, 2020 / Interview

Meet Jyrki Seppä: Chairman of Ilves-Hockey Oy

At the beginning of April 2017, Jyrki Seppä was elected to be the new chairman of the board of Ilves-Hockey Oy. I spoke to Jyrki...