Game tickets

Tampereen Ilves - Aitiot

Sections A/B, rows 7–1741,0044,00
Sections A/B, rows 5–634,0037,00
Section D, rows 5–16
Section B, rows 18–19
Sections A1/A3, rows 18–19
Sections C1/C2/C3, rows 5–1619,5022,00
Sections E1/E2/E3/E419,5022,00
Sections A–D, rows 1–4 (excluding C2 & C3)18,5021,00
Sections C2/C3, rows 1–411,0015,00
Standing section11,0015,00
Young people 7–16 years A–D r1–4 + standing section6,006,00
Family ticket, Section C3*
(4 people, 1+3 or 2+2)
Student/Pensioner A/D 1–4*8,5010,00
Student/Pensioner, Sections E*11,0015,00
  • The advance prices are minimum prices.
  • The ticket prices include all service and delivery fees and VAT at 10%.
  • With a family ticket, all family members must have their own tickets (€11 each). In this context, a family consists of 3–5 people: at least one adult and two children, no more than two adults. Family ticket seats are located in Section C3.
  • *Not available for local derby games.
  • The Ilves fan section is standing section D1.
  • You can also pay with Tyky vouchers and Tyky-Online, ePassi as well as Smartum’s Exercise and Culture vouchers. The vouchers and cards can be used at both the ice arena and the Ilves office, Web-based benefit solutions at the office only. The vouchers are intended for personal use only.

Advance sales locations in the Pirkanmaa region

  • K-Citymarket Lielahti, Harjuntausta 7, 33400 Tampere
  • K-Citymarket Linnainmaa, Mäentakusenkatu 1, 33580 Tampere
  • K-Citymarket Turtola, Martinpojankatu 4 A, 33710 Tampere
  • Prisma Tampereentie, Vanha Tampereentie 108, 20300 Turku
  • Sokos Tampere, Hämeenkatu 21, 33200 Tampere
  • Stockmann Tampere, Hämeenkatu 4, 3. krs, 33100 Tampere
  • Kulttuurimyymälä Aplodi, Hämeenkatu 14 B, 33100 Tampere
  • K-Citymarket Pirkkala, Palmrothintie 2, 33950 Pirkkala
  • K-Citymarket Nokia, Nuijamiestentie 5, 37120, Nokia
  • K-Citymarket Ylöjärvi, Elotie 1, 33470 Ylöjärvi
  • K-Citymarket Valkeakoski, Hakalantie 1, 37600 Valkeakoski
  • K-Citymarket Sastamala, Itsenäisyydentie 66, 38200 Sastamala
  • Ideapark Infopiste, Ideaparkinkatu 4, 37570 Lempäälä

Ilves Shop, Kaupinkatu 40

Ticket sales in Ilves Shop Tue–Fri at 12 noon–5 pm and Sat at 12 noon–4 pm. You can pay with national debit cards, Visa Electron as well as Mastercard and Visa credit cards. We also accept Tyky vouchers and Tyky-Online, ePassi as well as Smartum’s Exercise and Culture vouchers.

Hakametsä Ice Arena

The ticket office at the arena opens 1.5 hours before each game. At the arena ticket office and Ilves office, you can pay with national debit cards and Visa Electron as well as American Express, Mastercard and Visa credit cards. We also accept Tyky vouchers and Tyky-Online, ePassi as well as Smartum’s Exercise and Culture vouchers.

Ticket reservations online

Ticket reservations

Ticket reservations by phone

If you want to reserve tickets by phone or have questions about your reservation, you can call the Ticketmaster telephone service:

0600 900 900 (2,00 €/min+local call charge)
Open Mon–Sat 8 am–7 pm

In most cases, you can make a pick-up reservation or an invoiced reservation. Pick-up reservations can be claimed at ticket shops. If you do not pick up your tickets within the period specified, your reservation is cancelled automatically. Ticket shops will charge their own processing fees when you pick up the order. If you make an invoiced reservation, the tickets will be sent to the specified address once you have paid for them. Invoiced reservations are cancelled automatically if the invoice has not been paid by the due date.

Gift cards

You can use a gift card to pay for tickets at a Lippupiste sales point or to buy fan merchandise from the Ilves merchandise shop at Hakametsä Ice Arena. You can buy gift cards at the Ilves office.


Group ticket orders through the Ticketmaster service number (+358 600 10 800, 8 am–9 pm – rate €1.98/min + local call charge). Group reservations for over 20 people can also be made through Ilves-Hockey Oy on +358 3 225 9414. Group orders will be handled case-specifically. A delivery fee of €10 per order will be added to each group order of over 10 tickets. No group discounts for local derby matches.

Visiting team’s fans

The standing section of Section C1 is reserved for the visiting team’s fans at Hakametsä. Ticket sales for the visiting team’s fans:

Sami Ahmavuo
+358 40 539 5540