The Liiga 2020-2021 season begins on October – check out Ilves’ schedule!

Ilves-Hockey Oy

Ilves’ season begins with a home game against SaiPa on Friday October 2nd. The regular season ends on late March and there will be 60 regular season games per team as usual. The so-to-say main match days are Friday and Saturday.

Seven out of Ilves’ 30 home games will be played on Wednesdays, 11 on Fridays and 10 on Saturdays. The schedule also includes one home game to be played on Tuesday and the remaining one on Thursday.

There will be a short break in Liiga during the EHT-tournament taking place in Finland on November 1.-9. Another break that lasts for one week takes place in Christmas time followed by a full seven-game match day on December 26th.

The first round of the playoffs begins on Thursday April 1st, 2021. The first two weeks of May 2021 is the time when the finals take place. The potential game seven is scheduled on Friday May 14th, 2021. Liiga publishes more specific schedule concerning the playoffs on August.

Ilves’ schedule 2020-2021

October (games 12 / home games 5)

Fri. 2nd at 18.30 Ilves – SaiPa
Sat. 3rd at 17.00 HIFK – Ilves
Fri. 9th at 18.30 Ilves – Jukurit
Sat. 10th at 17.00 KooKoo – Ilves
Fri. 16th at 18.30 Pelicans – Ilves
Sat. 17th at 17.00 Ilves – Ässät
Tue. 20th at 18.30 TPS – Ilves
Fri. 23rd at 18.30 Ilves – Tappara
Sat. 24th at 17.00 Sport – Ilves
Tue. 27th at 18.30 JYP – Ilves
Fri. 30th at 18.30 Ilves – Sport
Sat. 31st at 17.00 KalPa – Ilves


EHT-tournament break


November (8 / 5)

Wed. 11th at 18.30 Ilves – Lukko
Fri. 13th at 18.30 Tappara – Ilves
Sat. 14th at 17.00 Ilves – Sport
Wed. 18th at 18.30 Ilves – KooKoo
Fri. 20th at 18.30 Ilves – Kärpät
Sat. 21st at 17.00 Jukurit – Ilves
Fri. 27th at 18.30 SaiPa – Ilves
Sat. 28that 17.00 Ilves – KalPa

December (9 / 4)

Tue. 1st at 18.30 Kärpät – Ilves
Fri. 4th at 18.30 Ilves – HIFK
Sat. 5th at 17.00 HPK – Ilves
Wed. 9th at 18.30 Ilves – TPS
Wed. 16th at 18.30 SaiPa – Ilves
Fri. 18th at 18.30 TPS – Ilves


Christmas break


Sat. 26th at 18.30 Ilves – Tappara
Mon. 28th at 18.30 Lukko – Ilves
Wed. 30th at 18.30 Ilves – Kärpät

January (11 / 5)

Sat. 2nd at 17.00 Sport – Ilves
Tue. 5th at 18.30 Ässät – Ilves
Fri. 8th at 18.30 Ilves – Ässät
Sat. 9th at 17.00 KalPa – Ilves
Sat. 16th at 17.00 Ilves – HPK
Wed. 20th at 18.30 KooKoo – Ilves
Fri. 22nd at 18.30 Ilves – HIFK
Sat. 23rd at 17.00 Sport – Ilves
Tue. 26th at 18.30 Jukurit – Ilves
Thu. 28th at 18.30 Ilves – Pelicans
Sat. 30th at 17.00 Ilves – SaiPa

February (8 / 4)

Wed. 3rd at 18.30 Lukko – Ilves
Fri. 5th at 18.30 Tappara – Ilves
Sat. 6th at 17.00 Ilves – KalPa
Fri. 12th at 18.30 Ilves – JYP
Wed. 17th at 18.30 Ilves – Jukurit
Sat. 20th at 17.00 Kärpät – Ilves
Fri. 26th at 18.30 Ilves – Sport
Sat. 27th at 17.00 HPK – Ilves

March (12 / 7)

Fri. 5th at 18.30 Ilves – Tappara
Sat. 6th at 17.00 JYP – Ilves
Tue. 9th at 18.30 Ilves – KooKoo
Fri. 12th at 18.30 Pelicans – Ilves
Sat. 13th at 17.00 Ilves – TPS
Wed. 17th at 18.30 Ilves – JYP
Fri. 19th at 18.30 Tappara – Ilves
Sat. 20th at 17.00 Ilves – Lukko
Wed. 24th at 18.30 Ilves – Pelicans
Fri. 26th at 18.30 Ässät – Ilves
Sat. 27th at 17.00 Ilves – HPK
Tue. 30th at 18.30 HIFK – Ilves

Ilves faces EHC Red Bull München on the first round of the CHL playoffs

In addition to Liiga games, the Champions Hockey League’s playoffs begin on October as well. Ilves hosts EHC Red Bull München on Wednesday October 7th in Tampere. The second game of the first round between the teams will be on Tuesday October 13th in München.


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