VIP packages

Tampereen Ilves - Aitiot
Tampereen Ilves - Hemingways VIP

Hemingway’s VIP 360

Regular season game: 120 € + VAT at 24%/person
Local derby game: 120 € + VAT at 24%/person

A VIP restaurant in an ideal location in the arena. Take your experience to a whole new level by enjoying a high-quality pre-game buffet and a great view of the rink. Drinks are handily served by a separate bar, and the room also has its own toilet facilities.

  • Game ticket
  • Pre-game buffet meal
  • VIP programme
  • VIP personnel services

The Hemingway’s box provides each guest with an unobstructed view of the action in the rink. It has a fully licensed bar.

Tampereen Ilves - Hemingways VIP

Hemingway’s VIP – downstairs 360

The event will be tailored to the customer’s wishes. Ask for more information!

Downstairs of Hemingway’s, there is a pub-like setting where guests can spend the evening and enjoy a magnificent view of the rink. Guests can follow the game from bar stools.

Tampereen Ilves - Klubi - VIP

Ilves Club 360

Standing club:
Regular season game 120€ + VAT at 24%/person
Local derby game 140€ + VAT at 24%/person

With a table reservation:
Regular season game 140€ + VAT at 24%/person
Local derby game 160€ + VAT at 24%/person

At the Ilves Club, you can relax in good company while enjoying delicious food. The club serves a tasty buffet meal before the game, and a varying selection of sweet and savoury snacks is available during the intervals between the periods. At the club, you can hear the team’s latest news before the game as well as comments by a player and coach afterwards.

Non-alcoholic drinks are freely at your disposal, and alcoholic drinks are served at affordable club prices.

  • Game ticket
  • Pre-game buffet meal
  • Non-alcoholic drinks with the meal
  • Interviews with a player and coach before and after the game
  • Parking card

Read more on the Ilves Club page

Tampereen Ilves - Wanha Mestari - VIP

Wanha Mestari 360

Local derby games: 140 € + VAT at 24%/person
Other home games: 100 € + VAT at 24%/person

The atmospheric restaurant at the C end of the arena provides a nice setting for drinks before the game and during breaks in the game. The space can also be used for meetings for max. 30 people or VIP events including meals for max. 50 people.

  • Pre-game buffet meal
  • Game tickets to section C


1 TPS13282.15
2 Kärpät13282.15
3 Sport14261.86
4 Pelicans12242.00
5 KooKoo14231.64
6 JYP13211.62
7 HIFK13201.54
8 Ilves12201.67
9 Tappara13181.38
10 KalPa15181.20
11 Lukko13171.31
12 SaiPa13151.15
13 HPK13141.08
14 Ässät14141.00
15 Jukurit13110.85