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The use of Ilves graphic materials must always be agreed with Ilves-Hockey Oy.

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Other requests for materials

Using materials in the media is the official communications channel of Ilves-Hockey Oy. materials can be used in media coverage in accordance with usual media practices. However, the source must always be mentioned. More extensive use of the materials must be agreed on a case-specific basis with the managing editor of


By 2:00 pm on the day of the match. For weekend matches, by 2:00 pm on Friday.

Accreditation address tai


Media parking takes place in the public parking area, where some of the places are free. Media companies that regularly report on matches are granted a parking card for the paid parking area.

Entry to the arena

Media representatives enter the arena from the north-eastern corner (Section C3) using the door marked “Henkilökunta” (Staff) and ”Press”. Accreditation will be checked at this point.

Access to the media section

After entering the arena, you are in Corridor A. Halfway along the corridor, there is a door with a “Press” sign. Enter through this door and take the stairs up to the media section, which is located on the first box floor and below it, in the booths at the top of Section A.

Places for photographers

Places for photographers are provided at the openings in the stands, in the media section and by the rink, between the team benches, where there are seats for four photographers from different media companies. The reserved seats by the rink are intended for Ilves and Aamulehti photographers. Access to the rinkside: Next to the opening in Section A1, take the stairs down to the locker room corridor and continue from there to the area between the team benches.

Media material distribution

In connection with checking the accreditation.

Media section equipment

Desks and electrical sockets are available. Hakametsä Ice Arena has a Wi-Fi network named “Kiekko” (no password required).

Moving to the locker room corridor

When the match has ended and the teams have left the benches, you can walk to the rinkside in Section A and continue past the team benches.

Post-game practices

After the match, all the players go to the locker room first. 10 minutes after the end, there will be brief press conference in front of the interview wall in the locker room corridor, attended by the head coaches of the teams. After this, the requested players will come to the corridor for interviews. The visiting team has its own practices.

Match records after the match

Full match records are available in real time online at

Closing the arena

The media section can be used for working for about 30 minutes after the end of the match.

Requests for non-match interviews

Markus Korhonen, Team Manager, tel. +358 40 733 7540

Media contact person

Lasse Fihl, Account Manager, tel. +358 40 596 0315, email

Match contact person

Lasse Fihl, Account Manager, tel. +358 40 596 0315, email

Technical questions about Hakametsä Ice Arena

Jarmo Nurminen, Arena Manager, tel. +358 50 523 7219, email