Heidi Hannula

Fairly said, a sort of a ´must-win´ game for Ilves. Out of the last six games Ilves has obtained only four points.

A lack of goals in the first period

Already at the very beginning SaiPa had a few decent scoring attempts which, however, did not lead to any goals. For Ilves it was Ville Meskanen who got the first opportunity to take Ilves to the lead and change the numbers on the scoreboard. He gave a great shot towards the net, however, couldn´t surprise Saipa´s goalie Niclas Westerholm.

Less than five minutes was behind when Ilves´ Eemeli Suomi was sentenced to the penalty box for cross-checking. Luckily for Ilves, the away team did not manage to score on their powerplay. Two more penalties were still later recorded on the first period,  from the same game situation, in which Ilves´ Roby Järventie and SaiPa´s  Joel Olkkonen each received a minor penalty, Järventie for tripping and Olkkonen for roughing.

Towards the end of the period Ilves got its game more and more back on track. While both teams were experiencing diffculties in scoring and in even in getting on those right spots, Ilves clearly created the best and the most dangerous ones.

Still, no goals

The second period started off fast as there were a few very good scoring opportunities already at the very first minutes. However, the score was persistently kept in 0-0.

After around six minutes Ilves´ Joni Ikonen was assessed a minor penalty for hookng giving SaiPa, again, a one-player advantage. Ilves, however, was let off quite easy this time as SaiPa was unable to create any serious shots towards the Ilves´ net.

Less than nine minutes were left when Ilves finally got a chance to show off its powerplay skills after Elmeri Kaksonen taking a two-minutes penalty for hooking. A loose shot by Ville Meskanen already pass the SaiPa´s Niclas Westeholm, however, as it was directed there by Joona Ikonen whose skate got on the way, it was finally rejected by the referee.

0-0 when continuing into the last period.

Three goals in the final period

Ilves started with a slight dominance and also the first scoring attempts were designed by Ilves, first Ville Meskanen and then, Santeri Hatakka.

At 47.20 Ilves´ Antti Saarela got a minor penalty for slashing and thereby SaiPa was offered a great opportunity to take the lead for the first time in this game. Ilves managed to survive while playing short-handed, however, only six seconds after, SaiPa´s Jarno Koskiranta hit the Ilves´ net. This first goal of the game was recorded at 47.20.

Luckily enough, Ilves was not paralyzed for this setback. Only three minutes after the goal Ilves smash the puck into the net behind the Saipa´s goalie. It was Teemu Väyrynen who scored a goal at 52.11. Two assists were recorded for both Aleksi Elorinne and Teemu Lepaus.

30ves´ third power play took place at 55.52 when Micke Saari was sentenced to the penalty box for a minor penalty. Right after that, at 57.56, Ilves´ Ville Meskanen made a great shot hitting the puck inside the top corner of the goal. 2-1 for Ilves!

At 58.41 SaiPa took a time-out and took off its goalie Niclas Westerholm. However, Ilves stood tall until the bery end and so, its long-lasting losing streak finally came to an end.

No luck in Pori
Jarkko Parikka valittiin Leijonien EHT-ryhmään