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An unfortunate loss in Rauma after a thrilling game

Heidi Hannula

Lukko hits first

Despite the great start by Ilves and its sole dominance, Lukko´s Pavol Skalicky managed to score the opening goal of the game at 6:48. Two assists were recorded both for Vili Saarijärvi and for Robin Press.

Ilves was seeking for its opening goal and got a few very dangerous scoring opportunities. However, after the first Lukko goal no more scores were made in either ends during the first half.

Ilves ties the game and takes the lead

Fairly said, Lukko was slighly dominating the game during the first half of the second period. At 4:08 Ilves´ Aleksi Elorinne received a two-minutes penalty for high sticking. On top of that, Ilves´ Antti Saarela was also given a minor penalty for tripping at 4:32 thereby handing over Lukko a great chance for another goal. Luckily for us, the home team did not manage to capitalize.

However, at 10.31 Ilves got back on its track and finally managed to capitalize. A shot by Ilves´ Kalle Maalahti found its way behind the Lukko goalie and tied the game.

Only shortly after Ilves was left with a manpower on its side when Lukko´s Sebastian Repo was given a 2+20 penalty for tripping. Ilves utilized this opportunity and suddenly the score was already 1-2 for Ilves. Anssi Salmela was a man in the right place. Two assists were recorded, one for Teemu Lepaus and another for Eemeli Suomi.

Despite the home team´s sligh dominance when closing to the end of the second period, the score was still 1-2 for the away team Ilves when continuing into the final period.

Lukko strikes back

Already at the very start, at 00:58, Ilves got its second power play chance when Lukko´s Toni Koivisto was sent to the penalty box for slashing. However, this power play resulted in an unfortunate setback thanks to a short-handed goal by Lukko´s Eetu Koivistoinen at 1:48 which tied the game. One assist was recorded for Anrei Hakulinen.

At 8:38 Ilves´ Kalle Maalahti took a minor penalty for tripping. Eetu Koivistoinen made use of their power play and scored the 3-2 goal for Lukko. Assist were reocrded for Thomas Gregoire and Sebastian Repo.

At 10:38 Lukko´s Sebastian Repo took a 2+10 penalty for boarding. Thanks to this power play Ilves got back on the game as it was now turn for Joni Ikonen to score at 2:44.

Ilves was faced with another setback at 17:13 after Lukko being awarded with a penalty shot. Robin Press was a man on the right place. The score was 4-3 for Lukko. The goal sealed Lukko´s victory and no more goals were recorded for either of the teams anymore.

Ilves taipui jännitysnäytelmässä Liigan runkosarjan voiton varmistaneelle Lukolle
Pregame-livestudio: Ilves-Tappara lauantaina 10.4.