Game report

Pelicans head home as winners

Julia Schmieder
Pekka Suojanen,

Despite all efforts, Ilves couldn’t defeat the Pelicans on Wednesday night, conceding them a 2-6.

Pelicans take control right from the start

The opposing team from Lahti came flying out of the blocks, scoring their first goal already in the first twenty seconds of the game. Fired up by such a start, the Pelicans kept the pressure on, and while being superior in number due to a penalty for Ilves, Rudolf Cerveny hit the second goal in 3:28.

Undeterred by this, Ilves tried to build up pressure on their side. After the puck was played from one side of the field to the other like a ping-pong ball, Ilves finally had the breakthrough: In 5:24 Matias Maccelli managed to turn the score into 1-2.

The opponents won’t ease up

Also in the second period, Ilves had a hard time claiming the puck for themselves. Again and again, both teams started strong attacks, but the defense was too tight on both sides.

After two violations by Ilves, the team was outnumbered for the third time in the game and the opponents exploited this opportunity skillfully, putting the puck in Ilves’ goal in 32:18.

Even though Ilves gave everything in the last minutes, the second period ended with a score of 1-3.

Last chance to turn the game around

Right at the start of the final period, the Pelicans were superior for the fourth time when Ilves’ Tuomas Salmela had to leave the ice. Fortunately, Ilves’ remaining players stood firm against the team from Lahti and did not allow another shot through.

Longing for success, the home team launched a new attack, which eventually led to the desired goal. In 46:49 Ville Meskanen skillfully steered a pass from Eemeli Suomi past Pelicans’ goalie and put the puck into the net. However, the 2-3 did not bring any relief yet.

For the fifth time, the Pelicans got the chance to attack Ilves with a 5-on-4. Despite the speed with which the Pelicans swept across the ice, Ilves withstood the pressure until the team was complete again.

Once again, the puck was played back and forth between the goals like a ping pong ball, with good moments for both Teemu Väyrynen and Aleksi Elorinne. However, all attempts were blocked by the defense and the scenario ended with Pelicans’ Ryan Lasch hitting Ilves’ goal and thereby changing the score to a 2-4 in 53:59.

At that moment the best option for Ilves was to replace goalkeeper Ville Kolppanen to attack the Pelicans with six players in the last minutes. Unfortunately, this tactic did not work and once in possession of the puck, Rudolf Cerveny and Frank Gymer from the opposing team had an easy time hitting Ilves’ unguarded goal.

With a final score of 2-6, the Pelicans decided the game clearly for themselves and left Tampere as winners that evening.


1 Lukko391336983
2 HIFK391249274
3 TPS401129770
4 Kärpät38958768
5 Pelicans4112311267
6 Tappara381209866
7 KalPa411109666
8 KooKoo381169065
9 Ilves3912210964
10 Ässät4111413254
11 Sport38829753
12 SaiPa417510544
13 HPK409612844
14 Jukurit429215439
15 JYP399214034

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