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First win in the CHL for Ilves – Red Bull Salzburg beaten in the overtime

Mikko Alahäivälä

The game between Red Bull Salzburg and Ilves was decided in the overtime. The goal scored by alternate captain Joona Ikonen gave Ilves the club’s first ever win in the CHL. The first two goals by Ilves were scored by Jyrki Jokipakka ja Balázs Sebők.

Home team opens the scoring on the powerplay

Eisarena Salzburg was full of positive anticipation well before the game as the Ilves fans started to enter the arena in great numbers. The team in yellow and green got strong support behind them right from the start of the game.

The first chance for Ilves opened up for defenseman Dominik Masin who led the attack, but Finnish goaltender Atte Tolvanen made a pad save. Next it was Ilves captain Eemeli Suomi’s turn to try to open the scoring from a breakaway, but the Salzburg defence was able to distract and the shot went wide right. Before five minutes was played Tolvanen also saved Eetu Päkkilä’s shot that was sent from the face-off circle.

At 6.14 the home team got a powerplay as Balazs Sebok was sent to the penalty box. Salzburg wasn’t able to create dangerous chances and the best try was Ali Wukovit’s shot from the blueline that was saved by Czech goaltender Jakub Malek.

After nine minutes of play Eemeli Suomi shot from a cross-ice pass, but Tolvanen made the save again. The next penalties were given at 13.55 when Troy Bourke and Eemeli Suomi reveiced minors for roughing. Salzburg got two-on-one attack during four-on-four, but Jakub Malek made a good blocker save. After a while Joona Ikonen sent a dangerous shot in the other end and Ilves’ goal from a rebound wasn’t war away.

Three minutes before the buzzer Eemeli Suomi gave a pass, Otto Latvala shot from the blueline and Santeri Virtanen’s deflection hit the cross bar. Salzburg defenseman Harald Schreier was given a penalty and Ilves got its first powerplay. The visiting team wasn’t able to score and right in the end of the penalty Red Bull Salzburg got charged on a two-on-one attack. Schreier’s penalty just ended when Ali Wukovits’ wrister found the bottom right corner at 19.56.

Ilves mainly controlled the first period, but the goal right at the end gave the home team a 1–0 lead.

Difficult second period

The start of the second period didn’t offer good scoring chances and the home team also got some possession on the game. Panu Mieho’s shot on the seventh minute went just over the top corner.

On the 10th minute Salzburg was close to scoring their second goal from the back post, but Jakub Malek made a top save and Ilves survived. Just a minute later Ilves got a two-on-one attack. Balazs Sebok made a pass, but Atte Tolvanen saved Les Lancaster’s shot from close range.

During the next minutes the home team offered Malek some work, but the Czech goaltender handled the situations well. Five minutes before the buzzer Matias Mäntykivi found Joonas Oden from the second wave, but Tolvanen’s save kept the numbers at 1–0. Just a while later it was Joona Ikonen’s turn to try from Henrik Haapala’s pass, but the end result was the same again.

SALZBURG,AUSTRIA,03.SEP.22 – ICE HOCKEY – CHL, Champions Hockey League, EC Red Bull Salzburg vs Ilves Tampere. Image shows Henrik Haapala (Tampere).
Photo: GEPA pictures/ Gintare Karpaviciute

Three goals in the third period

Joona Ikonen had another chance in the beginning of the third period, but the forward couldn’t finish the play. Ilves fans didn’t have to regret for the lost chance for long, however. At 41.34 defenseman Jyrki Jokipakka’s slapshot found the back of the net after a great play and assist by Petri Kontiola.

The next addition to the game stats came at 48.23 when Ilves defenseman Leo Lööf got a minor penalty for roughing. Moments later the game continued four-on-four as Dominique Heinrichille got a penalty for tripping at 49.15.

The game continued just a while before the third goal of the game saw its daylight. Balazs Sebok shot from behind a moving screen found its way to the net and beat Atte Tolvanen from the glove side. Ilves took the lead for the first time at 49.45. The 1–2 goal was assisted by Jarkko Parikka.

Ilves returned full strength soon after the goal and continued pressuring, but the home team survived without conceding. The away team got a powerplay at 52.06 when Dennis Robertson took a penalty for holding, but couldn’t produce a third goal and the game remained a one-goal game.

One and a half minutes before the end of the third period Red Bull Salzburg sent in the extra skater, which proved out to be the right call. Benjamin Nissner’s skillful deflection from the air tied the game at 2–2 at 59.16.

Ilves had a chance to take all three points right at the end when Santeri Virtanen got a breakaway, but the forward’s shot went wide right. The game was tied 2–2 at the buzzer and an overtime followed.

Ikonen’s goal gives Ilves the win

Ilves forwards Eemeli Suomi and Joona Ikonen got breakways in the beginning of the overtime, but weren’t able the end the game. At the other end of the rink Jakub Malek also made a couple of good saves and the search for a decisive goal continued.

After a couple tries Ilves finally scored the winning goal from a breakaway. Joona Ikonen was running free again and this time the forward’s shot found the top left corner. Ikonen’s 2–3 goal at 64.44 secured Ilves the club’s first ever win in the CHL.

Attendance: 1580

Next games

The next two CHL games for Ilves will be played in Tampere next week. Fribourg-Gottéron will visit the Nokia Arena on Friday 9th of September and Red Bull Salzburg on Sunday 11th of September.

SALZBURG,AUSTRIA,03.SEP.22 – ICE HOCKEY – CHL, Champions Hockey League, EC Red Bull Salzburg vs Ilves Tampere. Image shows the rejoicing of Tampere.
Photo: GEPA pictures/ Gintare Karpaviciute


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