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Ilves took home three points from Turku

Heidi Hannula

On Tuesday 20th, Ilves visited TPS in Turku and took three points with the score of 4-1. Whit this win Ilves reached second in the points table. While both teams were seemingly energetic, Ilves gained the edge already at the end of the first period by scoring twice in just about half minutes.

Ilves fled away at the end of the first period

A fresh and energetic start for both teams in Turku. Both Ilves and TPS had their scoring chances. During the first ten minutes Ilves hit the post for a few times while TPS found its finest chance when TPS´ Austin Ortega was played in a situation where he got an opportunity to shoot towards an empty net. However, he did not get a touch on the puck.

A great number of penalties was set during the latter half of the first period. First, Ilves´ Santeri Hatakka received a two-minutes penalty, however, this did not cause any actual dangers in front of the Ilves´ net. Actually quite the contrary since Ilves answered for the most dangerous scoring opportunity during TPS´ powerplay. Joona Ikonen found himself in a breakaway situation but Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen, TPS goalie, successfully defended his net.

Then again, Ilves made use of its own scoring opportunity. Already during the first TPS penalty, received by Luukkonen for displacing the goal frame, Ilves succeeded in creating dangerous attacks towards the opponent´s net. TPS´ distress continued after also Petteri Wirtanen was being penalized. TPS survived the 5-on-3 situation, however, only after a short moment Arttu Ruotsalainen scored. His sharp wrist shot hit the upper corner of the net leaving no chances for Luukkonen.

Only 41 seconds after the last goal, Roby Järvinen received an accurate pass from Joose Antonen right in front of the net and capitalized. Consequently, Ilves had a clear 2-0 lead when moving on to the second period.

TPS was seeking for goals, Ilves fled away

Those two Ilves´ goals clearly lifted TPS up for the second period. To the despair of the home audience, the puck did not cross the Ilves´ goal line. Ilves and Dostal stayed strong. Neither Ruslan Ishakov or Aleksi Anttalainen succeeded in scoring while they had their chances both of them in turn.

Slightly before catching the midway of the match, Ilves was offered an opportunity for a counter-attack with all five players. Juuso Välimäki shoot straight from a pass and once again, Luukkonen was left empty handed. A second goal and seventh point for Juuso Välimäki this season. Ilves increased its lead already to a 3-0.

Throughout the second period, TPS was intensely seeking for the opening goal. Then again, also Ilves had its chances. However, no extra goals were made at this point. Teemu Lepaus got closest in scoring but unluckily his shot did not find its way past Luukkonen. At the final second Eemeli Suomi shot a sharp wrister towards the net, however, without a greater success.

TPS´ effort not enough

Ilves got to go into the final period with some powerplay seconds left. Once again, the opponent´s performance was seemingly energetic and they even got a few scoring opportunities while playing short-handed. However, Dostal´s net stayed untouched.

Ilves was even awarded a penalty shot and thereby a great chance for another goal. However, Ruotsalainen did not capitalize.

Roughly eight minutes before the end, TPS´ effort was finally awarded with a score. Ville Lajunen hit the target during a powerplay. The score was somewhat disputable as it was first analyzed through a video replay. However, cameras did support TPS in this respect and it was now 1-3 for Ilves.

The last goal was seen less than four minutes before the final whistle when Jarkko Parikka successfully shot the puck past TPS goalie. Thereby Ilves took home full three points with the final score of 1-4.

Both teams shall have their next games on Friday this week. Ilves will host Tappara on the first derby of the season while TPS faces Lukko in Rauma.

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