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No points for Ilves against Kärpät

Siru Takala

Tonight was the third game in a row between Ilves and Kärpät. Kärpät had won the first of these contests and Ilves the second, and tonight presented another opportunity for these even teams to test each other. Kärpät won 0–1 with Cody Kunyk’s goal.

The game started quite fidgety: the game went coast to coast, but neither team got the puck very close to the net. Ilves got to play on the powerplay early on, but even though the bobcats moved the puck well, they didn’t score.

Then Ilves wasted another powerplay, and Kärpät started to create more and more dangerous chances. Ilves did look energetic in the period and played well in the offensive zone, but there were no goals. The score was tied 0–0 heading into the second.

A gloomy second period

Three minutes in and Kärpät’s Cody Kunyk scored on a breakaway. A penalty right after made Ilves’ game even harder, but luckily Kärpät didn’t score on the powerplay.

Kärpät were in control in the second. Ilves’ highlight was a great 2-on-1 attack, but the pass didn’t connect, and the attempt crumbled. Suomi’s line tried to get something going in the last moments of the period, but nothing came of it.

The frustrating powerplay didn’t work

Kärpät couldn’t stay away from the penalty box, but Ilves wasn’t able to capitalize during this time. Kärpät had a few tries halfway through the period, but Eetu Mäkiniemi’s saves kept Ilves in the game.

Miro Nalli was hit badly in the final minutes of the game, and the hitter Tuukka Tieksola received a penalty of 5+20 minutes. Ilves played on the powerplay for the rest of the game.

Due to the Kärpät penalties and Ilves pulling their goalie, Ilves got to play momentarily with six players against three. However, the time ran out, and Kärpät won with the score of 0–1.

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