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Ilves-Hockey Oy’s strategy and brand development work moves on

Ilves-Hockey Oy

As the covid-19 pandemic interrupted the latest season, Ilves-Hockey Oy has focused on developing its strategy and brand in the long run on the side of sports related preparations. The global pandemic brings challenges to both the company and the whole ice hockey community in general. We will return to subjects concerning Ilves’ sport related and economic goals when the effects of the coronavirus into our business is more clear. At this stage, however, we would like to communicate the current status as following.

“Our mission is to offer a sense of community, exciting experiences and victorious feelings”

During the latest three years we have had the opportunity to build Ilves’ success with numerous enthusiastic people and business partners. Ilves and its development is seen as a joint matter meaning that everyone is ready to push their limits and, at the same time, share both the ups and downs together. We realize that communality is essential for our company and organization and that is something we want to develop even further.

In 2021 we are moving from historic Hakametsä to ultramodern arena located in the city centre of Tampere. UROS LIVE arena gives even better framework for us to offer our community experiences and victorious feelings, as our mission describes. We want to foster sense of togetherness through openness, caring and our actions.

The sports and economic development we have had in the recent years has prepared Ilves-Hockey Oy to face the changes in our  operational environment. Our club’s near future appears bright and exciting although the current situation sets challenges for everyone involved.

“Our values: Goal-Orientation – Caring – Responsibility – Openness”

In addition to specifying our mission, we clarified our values because earlier ones were made in 2017 and they reflected the situation of that time. We wanted to create lasting and shared values that we can employ in our daily activities. As we formed these values, we listened to entire Ilves-Hockey Oy organization.


All of our actions aim towards success. We are ambitious and professional both as individuals and as a team. We work systematically and continuously developing.  Our success requires hard work from everyone involved, together we achieve the goals.  From players to everyone involved, we set the standards high.


For us, caring means respecting others and fair attitude. It is caring for individuals and community, caring for each human and at the same time caring for the whole group. A great community is built on caring and showing example by yourself.


We want to foster interaction between humans and communality along with reducing fear and prejudice. We understand that community listens us and we need to use our voice responsibly. As a company we are responsible for our environment, society and take care of our economic sustainability.


We are open both in communication and as an organization. Our work ethic is based on listening, conversations and transparency in our all actions and decisions. As an organization we are transparent, easy to approach and we do not rule anyone out based on matters outside ice hockey.

Refreshed Ilves moves forward toward the next season

During the spring Ilves has continued developing its brand. The results will be seen through our communications and graphic appearance.

We want to tell Ilves’ story through success in sports and organization’s actions. In addition, we want to include our fans’ and business partners’ point of views. We want both excitement and appreciation stream through all stakeholders as Ilves is a matter for all of us.

– Ilves Brand Book tells a story about being part of the Ilves family, about individuals and our community. It is a guideline for communications but at the same time it tells others how we see Ilves as a whole.  Ilves Brand Book is made available to all parties interested, this is type of the openness we talk about, comments CEO Risto Jalo.

Brand Book is available for download at https://www.ilves.com/ilves-hockey-oyn-strategian-ja-brandin-kehittamisen-valituloksia/.

We have also created a new alternative logo for Ilves which will be used especially in CHL matches. We wanted a version in which both club’s name and hometown are clearly visible.

– The plan was to make a modern logo that honors tradition and is easily adopted by the fans and community in general. The logo is all about Ilves-like elements: black and green colors as a base and a cross stripe in the background points to club’s first jerseys and previous logos. Around the club’s official logo we added text “Ilves Tampere Hockey Club” written in yellow. The round shape resembles hockey puck”, says Antti Tuomisto, who has designed the logo. Tuomisto is also responsible for visual aspects of the brand development.

Ilves’ English website has also been under construction during this spring and will be developed further. Ilves strives to be open and approachable also in English concerning (non-Finnish) international audience, for instance. In addition, Ilves wants to develop its communications into more versatile direction and the website translated in English is a prime example of this process. In future, U20 players of the team will have even bigger role. The grown media team will provide content on a broader extent in general for the upcoming season.

– We encourage you to provide feedback as we are keen to hear your opinions and influence into next steps of our strategy work. Brand management is one of the key issues too where we increasingly focus so feedback into that is also very welcome, concludes Risto Jalo.

The feedback form is available in the Brand Book download process at ilves.com and emails to ilves@ilves.com reaches us as well.






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