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Brand & Strategy questionnary feedback

Ilves-Hockey Oy

We published an open questionnaire in the early summer. Its purpose was to survey the public’s opinion on Ilves’ brand, on the results of our strategic planning, and on the services offered by Ilves Hockey Oy. We received 552 answers throughout the summer.

We are extremely grateful for all the answers. We were especially delighted by the fact that many respondents had openly and diligently expressed their opinions and suggestions. They considered Ilves and its success important and wanted to contribute to it.

All the responses have been distributed around the Ilves organization. The questionnaire didn’t close until autumn, but we were learning from the responses already during the summer when we redesigned both the  Ilves Shop at Kaupinkatu and the  online shop kauppa.ilves.com. We have read and analyzed all  developmental suggestions from the comments we received.

The given answers will help us to plan Ilves Hockey’s long-term development. When our operations move under the bright lights of UROS LIVE Arena, our operational preconditions will improve and service development will be met with new opportunities. We want to carefully listen  the opinions of fans, business customers, and other stakeholders in the future as well.

Four winners of a Ilves Shop gift card were drawn among the all respondents. We have personally contacted the winners.

Below you can see the numerical answers to the given questionnary.


“Our mission is to offer everyone sense of community, exciting experiences, and victorious feelings.”

Community spirit, exciting events, and the joy in victory are things that continuously  brings us to Ilves. It is especially wonderful when all these things combine. We want to win together. And if we lose, we lose together with dignity and style. We will make life time memories either way.

Are we on the right path, what do you think about the mission?

Number of answers: 545

Answer average: 85 / 100



All of our actions aim towards success. We are ambitious and professional both as individuals and as a team. We work systematically and continuously developing.  Our success requires hard work from everyone involved, together we achieve the goals.  From players to everyone involved, we set the standards high.


For us, caring means respecting others and fair attitude. It is caring for individuals and community, caring for each human and at the same time caring for the whole group. A great community is built on caring and showing example by yourself.


We want to foster interaction between humans and communality along with reducing fear and prejudice. We understand that community listens us and we need to use our voice responsibly. As a company we are responsible for our environment, society and take care of our economic sustainability.


We are open both in communication and as an organization. Our work ethic is based on listening, conversations and transparency in our all actions and decisions. As an organization we are transparent, easy to approach and we do not rule anyone out based on matters outside ice hockey.

Are we on the right path, do these values fit Ilves?

Number of answers: 545

Answer average: 88 / 100

Do you think that Ilves Hockey Oy currently operates based on these values?

Number of answers: 524

Answer average: 83 / 100

Game Events

Number of answers: 514

Grading scale: 1 – 5

Atmosphere: 4,0

Music: 3,6

Announcements: 3,6

Team introduction and entrance at the start of the game: 3,9

Entertainment on the ice during intermission: 2,8

Entertainment during the periods, e.g. cheerleading: 3,3

Restaurant services: 3,0

I feel that the game events have improved: 3,8

Fan merchandise

The style and quality of fan merchandise

Number of answers: 505

Answer average: 60 / 100

The accessibility of fan merchandise

Number of answers: 476

Answer average: 57 / 100

The new logo with text

We wanted a version of the logo that showcases the club’s name, city, and colors. We plan to use the new version alongside the logo that was designed for the whole Ilves family by Rauno Broms.

”The plan was to make a modern logo that honors tradition and is easily adopted by the fans and community in general. The logo is all about Ilves-like elements: black and green colors as a base and a cross stripe in the background points to club’s first jerseys and previous logos. Around the club’s official logo we added text “Ilves Tampere Hockey Club” written in yellow. The round shape resembles hockey puck”, says Antti Tuomisto, who has designed the logo. Tuomisto is also responsible for visual aspects of the brand development.

What is your general impression of the new logo? Grading scale: 1 (poor) – 5 (excellent)

Number of answers: 500

Answer average: 3,7 / 5

I would like to see the logo with text… (you can pick more than one option)

Options | Answers

Always on the jersey in Liiga games | 11,09 % (55)

On the jersey in Liiga games on special occasions, e.g. third jersey | 33,67 % (167)

In the marketing material for CHL | 63,91 % (317)

On the jersey in CHL games | 69,35 % (344)

On fan merchandise alongside the normal logo 42,54 % (211)

Occasionally on social media 40,32 % (200)

Occasionally in publications, on ilves.com, etc. 33,67 % (167)

Nowhere 14,31 % (71)

Total respondents: 496

Questions for corporate customers

We asked our corporate customers about our Business-to-Business services. We received great feedback for developing our sales as well as tips for improving the services of the Ilves Club at Hakametsä. The general opinion on our services was good although there were points of improvement.

The standard index score of customer satisfaction NPS (Net Promoter Score) was 54 in this survey. The NPS ranges between -100 and 100, so our result is moderately good. Our corporate customers willing to recommend our services to other parties.

We are very committed to improving the services we offer to our corporate customers. Our aim is to produce constantly improving value add to our customers – we want the partnership with Ilves to benefit our customers in their own game.

Ilves Hockey wish to all our fans and business partners enjoyable hockey season!

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