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Ilves grapped three points after rising to victory in third period. 4-2 homewin with goals from Jarkko Parikka, Miro Nalli, Teemu Lepaus and captain Eemeli Suomi.

Both teams on the game after the first period

The first period started with Ässät being slightly more dominant on the ice. There were more than one dangerous opportunities for Ässät to take the lead. However, Eetu Mäkinen blocked them all successfully.

At 5.29 Joose Antonen passed the puck to Jarkko Parikka whose sharp and accurate shot hit the net and took Ilves a 1-0 lead.

There were chances for both teams as the game went from one side to another relatively fast. However, both goalies were still left with not too heavy of a burden. At 12.52 Ässät´s Jakob Stenqvist shot the puck out of a game and took two minutes penalty for the delay of the game. During its powerplay Ilves surely dominated the events on the ice and it´s second goal was indeed close.

Ässät, however, survived.

At 17.10. Ilves´ Matias Maccelli took two minutes for slashing. More troubles was ahead as also Aleksi Elorinne, who recently signed his successor agreement with Ilves, got a penalty for slashing. It then took only 24 seconds (at 18.35) for the away team Ässät to hit the numbers to 1-1 with the help of its 5-on-3 advantage.

A broken second period

Ilves survived the rest of the time while playing shorthanded and no more goals were marked for Ässät. At 20.31 Ilves, in turn, got a chance to play on a power play after Joonas Järvinen being penalized for delaying the game. However, those top attempts were lacking.

Ilves got another power play chance at 25.01 when Otto Kivenmäki received a penalty for tripping.
Again, a toothless performance from Ilves. Right after the penalty Ilves´ fourth line created a dangerous top spot for Erik Autio whose shot was, however, blocked by Atte Tolvanen with a great glove save.

At 28.42 Ilves received two different bench penalties at the same event, Nikolas Matinpalo for tripping and Antti Saarela for slashing. Luckily, Ilves played strong being it that it played shorthanded. At 31.31 Ilves ended up again playing with less men on the rink. Fortunately, again, Ilves survived.

Towards the end of the period Ilves got back on track and had a clear control over the game. However, no more goals were seen.

Ilves takes the victory at the final period

Ässät got a dream start for the final period as it succeeded in turning the numbers into 1-2 already at the very beginning, finished by Sebastian Wennström.

At 25.52 Eetu Päkkilä passed the puck to Miro Nalli from the center ice whose accurate wrist shot hit the net pass Ässät´s goalie.

The greatest shot of the game was seen next by Joose Antonen, Matias Myttynen and Teemu Lepaus. 3-2 lead was marked at 51.27. After this goal Ilves took a leading role of the game. There were some great opportunities by Ilves created at its attacking zone, however, Tolvenen stood firm.

Around 56.00 Teemu Väyrynen was offered a great chance which, however, did not lead to any goal. Unfortunately. Ässät took a time out at 57.24 while Atte Tolvanen was also told out of his net. Thanks to Ilves´goalie Eetu Mäkinen´s great saves Ässät did not succeed in capitalizing anymore. Finally, Ilves´ Matias Myttynen provided a pass to his team mate Eemeli Suomi who finished the numbers and confirmed Ilves´win at 59.04.

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