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Roby Järventie drafted to Ottawa Senators

Ilves-Hockey Oy

Early in the second round of the 2020 NHL entry draft, The Ottawa Senators selected a forward who has gone through Ilves’ player development path, Roby Järventie.

Drafted 33rd overall, 18-year-old Roby Järventie played his first season within the adult’s league last year. Järventie spent part of the season in Mestis with Ilves’ collaboration team KOOVEE where he scored 23 goals and recorded 38 points in 36 games. He also wore Ilves’ jersey five times and scored one goal in that time. Left-handed, 189 centimetres tall and weighing 84 kilos, Järventie has started the season productively as he has recorded one goal and an assist in two Liiga games.

-Roby has the potential and numerous aspects that you need to become an NHL player. Within the last couple of years he has developed a lot both game-wise and mentally. Considering his size, he moves well on the ice though he needs more experience, strength, practice and mentoring – like a young man does at this point of his career. Roby has excellent sense of game and natural instincts when it comes to attacking in addition to his NHL level skillset and shooting ability. Physical development is something that is going to take him into next level, says the sports director of Ilves Timo Koskela.

-Naturally, this is a big day for both the player and his family as you get rewarded for the years of hard work. At the same time, this is a first time a young player gets a concrete worldwide evaluation. We are very happy for Roby and, as a franchise, we will do everything that helps his development.

Koskela sees Järventie as a great example of a product that emerges from the high-quality junior development program and collaboration with KOOVEE.

-The aim of Ilves’ player development program and the collaboration with KOOVEE is to optimize one’s development through offering the right level of challenges at right time. For instance, last year Roby played mostly Mestis with KOOVEE which made a bigger role possible. This choice had a very positive effect on his development.

-It is great to see that the strategic choices we make within the organization are already showing positive signals. The development of our young players has been noticed in the NHL, which is obliviously an important indicator in the world of hockey, comments Koskela.

Roby Järventielle NHL-varaus Ottawa Senatorsiin
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