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Tomi Erola appointed Sales Manager of Ilves-Hockey Oy

Ilves-Hockey Oy

Tomi Erola, 49v, has been appointed Sales Manager role at Ilves-Hockey Oy as of April 4th, 2002. He has versatile experience from sport and international businesses being a great asset for forward going company.

Previous 25 years Tomi has led football operations within Ilves -family. He established football team under KooVee umbrella in mid -90s whereof it moved inside Ilves Ry operations in 2007. Due the continuous development and growth in operations, Ilves’ professional football transferred into a new limited company where Tomi was appointed CEO of Ilves Edustus Oy (Ltd). In recent years, Ilves has reached european football fields and successfully activated new stadium project in Tammela providing a promising outlook forward for Ilves football. Before CEO role at Ilves Edustus, Tomi worked 17 years for international businesses in multinational environment at Patria, Metso Power and Sandvik Mining & Construction.

In his youth era, Tomi played ice hockey goalie at Ilves juniors developing his player career into 2nd highest men’s league. After finishing professional hockey, he devoted his time for student life graduating from Tampere University of Applied Sciences as Bachelor of Engineering. Still today, Tomi keeps his continuous self development on by studying economics and sport management in universities along the daily work.

– I’m very pleased to continue within Ilves -family and continue towards new opportunities and challenges Ilves Hockey is moving on, says Tomi about his new nomination.

Ilves Hockey has continuous company wide development program driven by the published strategy program. New operative environment paves the way for growth potential which capitalization requires new competences.

– Tomi’s vast experience from both, international business and sport management, brings us valuable knowhow to support our development. His ongoing university studies signals strong commitment into continuous learning what we more than welcome in our operations. We are very pleased to see Tomi joining in, comments Mikko Mattila, Business Development Director at Ilves-Hockey Oy.

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